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Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: a mycologic and immunochemical study of a sample isolated from an armadillo (Dasipus novencinctus)

Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: estudo micológico e imunoquímico de amostra isolada de tatu (Dasipus novencinctus)

Monica Scarpelli Martinelli Vidal Natalina Takahashi de Melo Nilma Maciel Garcia Gilda Maria Barbaro Del Negro Cezar Mendes de Assis Elizabeth Maria Heins-Vaccari Roberto D. Naiff Rinaldo Poncio Mendes Carlos da Silva Lacaz About the authors

A sample of P. brasiliensis isolated from the spleen and the liver of an armadillo (Dasipus novencinctus) has been analysed under a mycological and immunochemical viewpoint. The armadillo was captured in an area of Tucuruí (State of Pará, Brazil), the animal being already established as an enzootic reservoir of P. brasiliensis at that region of the country. This sample maintained in the fungal collection of the Tropical Medicine Institute of São Paulo (Brazil) numbered 135, has got all the characteristics of P. brasiliensis, with a strong antigenic power and low virulence for guinea-pigs and Wistar rats. The specific exoantigen of P. brasiliensis - the glycoprotein with a molecular weight of 43 kDa - was easily demonstrated with double immunodiffusion, immunoelectrophoresis, SDS-PAGE and immunobloting techniques.

Paracoccidioides brasiliensis; Dasipus novencinctus

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