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Interstitial pneumonitis in canine visceral leishmaniasis

Pneumonia intersticial na leishmaniose visceral canina

M. I. S. Duarte M. D. Laurenti V. L. Brandão Nunes A. F. Rego Jr. E. T. Oshiro C. E. P. Corbett About the authors

Forty-one naturally infected dogs with visceral leishmaniasis from an urban area of Corumbá (Mato Grosso do Sul-BRAZIL) were studied and three types of lung involvement due to visceral leishmaniasis were characterized; a cellular, a cellular-fibrotic and a fibrotic type. These types seem to represent a sequential evolutive proce'as. Visceral leishmaniasis frequently causes an interstitial pneu monitis in naturally infected dogs (80.5%) as well as in man and experimentally infected hamsters.

Visceral leishmaniasis; Interstitital pneumonitis; Canine pathology

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