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Preliminar characterization of a new virus isolated from the spinal fluid of patients with meningitis in São Paulo, Brazil

Caracterização preliminar de um novo vírus isolado de liquor de pacientes com meningite asséptica em São Paulo, Brasil

Sueko Takimoto Hatune Tanaka Luis F. Salles Gomes Eliseu A. Waldman Helio G. Perreira Teresinha M. Paiva Teresinha L. Coimbra Marli Ueda Heloísa H. G. Meles About the authors

A total of 138 patients with the age of 4 months to 57 years were attended in different hospitals of São Paulo State with aseptic meningitis. A probable new agent was isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid of 35 of 53 specimens examined. Replication of the agent with similar characteristics was detected by CPE produced in the MDCK cell line. Virus-like particles measuring about 40 nm in diameter were observed by negative staining electron microscopy. No hemaglutinating activity was detected at pH 7.2 by using either human, guinea pig, chicken and at pH ranged 6.0 - 7.2 with goose red blood cells. The agent was not pathogenic to newborn or adult mice. Virus infectivity as measured by CPE was sensitive to chloroform and not inhibited by BuDR, suggesting that agent is an enveloped virus with RNA genome.

Aseptic meningitis; Aetiologic agent; Characterization of meningitis associated virus

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