Therapeutic efficacy of oral oxamniquine in the treatment of prolonged septicemic salmonellosis

José Roberto Lambertucci Roberto Pedercini Marinho Maria das Dores Ferreira Jayme Neves Ênio Roberto Pietra Pedroso About the authors

Thirty-five patients with Prolonged Septicemic Salmonellosis were selected for this trial. Twenty patients (Group 1) were treated with a single oral dose of oxamniquine (15-20mg/kg body weight) and 15 (Group 2) were treated with cloramphenicol (50mg/kg body weight, for 15-20 days). Clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations were performed before and after treatment. Eight Group 1 patients (40%) presented one or more complaints after treatment. With the exception of one patient With seizures, one hour after taking oxamniquine, the others symptoms were unimportant. No toxic effects of oxamniquine were observed on laboratorial tests done after treatment. Group 2 patients did not present complaints related to cloramphenicol. In Group 1, 90% of the patients were cured, and in Group 2, 93% also were considered as cured. The Authors conclude that oral oxamniquine in the prescribed dosage has low toxicity and good therapeutic efficacy in patients with Prolonged Septicemic Salmonellosis.

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