Evaluation of nutritional status in patients with endemic pemphigus foliaceus

Avaliação do estado nutricional em pacientes portadores de pênfigo foliáceo endêmico

Sixteen patients with endemic pemphigus foliaceus were submitted to nutritional evaluation. Ten had the localized form of the disease (Group G1) and six the disseminated form (Group G2). The patients were submitted to anthropometric measurements (weight, height, Quetelét index, tricipital skin fold, subscapular skin fold, arm circumference, arm muscle circumference, arm area, arm muscle area, and arm adipose area) and to laboratory evaluation by protein electrophoresis. Arm circumference, arm area and arm muscle area showed lower values in G2 than in G1. Weight and arm muscle circumference tended to the lower in G2 than in G1. Protein electrophoresis showed decreased albumin levels in both groups, with lower values in G2. Overall analysis of the results permits us to conclude that patients with endemic pemphigus foliaceus present signs and symptoms of protein, but not calorie, malnutrition and that this malnutrition is more marked in patients with disseminated pemphigus foliaceus.

Endemic pemphigus foliaceus; Nutritional status; Fogo Selvagem

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