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The principle of the dignity of human person: a reading of the effectiveness of citizenship and human rights through the challenges put forward by globalization* * This article was translated from Portuguese to English by Cássio Eduardo Zen, LLM student at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Brazil.

O princípio da dignidade da pessoa humana: uma leitura da efetividade da cidadania e direitos humanos por meio dos desafios frente à globalização


Even today concepts that should have been overcome are debated, for example, the belonging of an individual to a State and, consequently, to its laws. The process of globalization, and the constant immigration resulted thereof, have led to profound changes in the relationship between the individual and the State, and especially, in the field of international human rights law. This means that the human needs began to be manifested regionally and internationally, in order to achieve the principle of the dignity of the human being. Thus, this article intends to investigate the link between citizenship and human rights, from new perspectives, through literature studies and deductive method, in order to answer the following questions: what are the added values to the concept of citizenship? And what is the current dimensions of citizenship?

dignity of human person; effectiveness; citizenship; human rights; challenges of globalization

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