Migrant women and violence in Argentina: experiences and implications to health/illness/care

Maria Florencia Linardelli About the author


This article addresses the experiences of violence endured by women coming from Bolivia and northern Argentina during their migratory paths associated with agricultural labor in Argentina. The goal is to analyze how such life experiences were gone through by these women, the impact they had on their health/illness condition, and their care strategies for facing them. From an ethnographic study conducted between 2014 and 2018 in Ugarteche locality (Mendoza) we gathered the life stories of six women, which allowed identifying a complex map of violence accompanying the mobility processes of these women workers. Hand in hand with feminist and with socio-anthropological perspectives on health, this work argues that these experiences -which marked the bodies and subjectivity of women- are linked to sexual and racist discrimination directed at migrant women, and to the contexts of social vulnerability in which they live and work.

Key words:
Patriarchal violence; Racism; Migrations; Agricultural laborers; Health

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