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Necropolitics and the Jair Bolsonaro government: repercussions on Brazilian social security

Abstract: This article seeks to problematize the advancement of the ultraneoliberal model present in the Bolsonaro government and its impacts on the Brazilian social security policy, as a public policy and as such, the duty of the State. The advance of reactionary counter-reforms destroys the essential pillars of the social security policy: health, social security and social assistance. The chosen methodology consists of bibliographic research based on scientific productions published in articles and books, as well as newspapers and magazines on the subject. The ultraneoliberal agenda imposes an unprecedented pursuit of the rights historically won. In pandemic times for Covid-19, the contradictions of the denial of rights policy are evident. Bolsonarism has implemented necropolitics as an official policy, which comes from an authoritarian domain of defining who should die and who deserves to live, further deepening the social barbarism against the working class.

Social Security; Necropolitics; Ultraneoliberal; Pandemic

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