Students' satisfaction with simulated clinical experiences: validation of an assessment scale

Rui Carlos Negrão Baptista José Carlos Amado Martins Maria Fátima Carneiro Ribeiro Pereira Alessandra Mazzo About the authors


validate an assessment instrument of nursing students' satisfaction with simulated clinical experiences.


a 17-item scale was applied to students from the Teaching Diploma Program in Nursing, after a set of simulated clinical experiences. Factorial analysis with orthogonal varimax rotation was used, and the internal consistency was estimated to determine the validity of the scale.


in a sample of 181 students, we found a high correlation between practically all items and the total scale, with an Alpha coefficient of 0.914. The scale items were divided in three factors: practical dimension, realism dimension and cognitive dimension, with good internal consistency coefficients of 0.89; 0.88 and 0.73, respectively.


the scale complies with the validity requisites, revealing a high potential for use in research.

Personal Satisfaction; Students, Nursing; Simulation

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