Licit drugs consumption among nursing students at a private university in Bogotá, Colombia

This cross-sectional study aimed to establish the consumption of licit psychoactive substances in a sample of 237 nursing students at a private university in the city of Bogota, Colombia; and relate it with independent study variables: age, sex, marital status, semester, number of children, work and living together. Fagerström's Tolerance questionnaire was used to evaluate the gravity of nicotine dependence and the AUDIT to evaluate alcohol dependence. Confidentiality was guaranteed through the self administered Questionnaire and anonymous survey. Univariate analysis was used. Relevant data in this population was tobacco consumption in about 24 % and alcohol in 82%. The level of tobacco dependence corresponded to 5 (8.5%) students with slight dependence, 42 (72%) with average dependence and 12 (20%) with high dependence. When relating tobacco and alcohol consumption, 98 % of the students who smoke consume alcohol. The percentage of students who never drink was higher in the group of non smokers (23%) than among smokers (1.72%).

Alcohol Drinking; Consumption of Tobaco-Derived Products; Students, Nursing; Nursing

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