Comparison between crack and other drugs abusers in a specialized outpatient facility of a university hospital

The increase in crack abuse and the profile of these abusers are well documented in Brazil, but studies in Rio de Janeiro are lacking. Optimization of resource allocation for prevention and treatment requires a better characterization of abusers with respect to socio-demographic characteristics and drugs use pattern. Patients admitted to the Drug Abuse Research and Care Program (PROJAD) at the Psychiatric Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro between March 2007 and September 2008 were studied. Crack abusers were found to be significantly younger than other drug abusers and more frequently unmarried. Lower education level and unemployment were a trend in this group, although not statistically significant. The increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for crack abuse was documented. This is the first scientific study reporting on the expansion of crack abuse in Rio de Janeiro, which may provide information to put in practice public policies.

Crack Cocaine; Substance-Related Disorders; Patients; Cross-Sectional Studies

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