O que é phatos?* * O presente texto constitui parte do primeiro capítulo do livro intitulado Psicopathologia a ser publicado proximamente; contou com a ajuda do CNPq.

Through the study of etymology of the word pathos, transformations and meanings adopted by the relevant conceptions as time went by are here presented. At first it is stated that pathos acquired its main present meaning of disease, discomfort. Notwithstanding, later on it is clarified that in its origin, pathos means, primarily, a fundamental affective disposition, according to Heidegger’s writings. The importance of considering that psycho-pathology and clinic are related to the above mentioned disposition is shown. Thus, the Kantean conception of pathos as passion befalling the subject is one of the forms that fundamental affective disposition may assume. It is added that the pathos referred to by Descartes, the one that masters modern men and guides clinical activities is the one borne by men who doubt and thence quest for certitude in a manner different from the one associated to Greek pathos, dominated by awe and by a discursive trait. Pathos is conceptualised as inherent to the human being and for this reason it qualifies the study of all that pertains to the expression as being something inherently human.

Psycho-pathology; ontology; etymology; disposition

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