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Cholesterol-lowering effect of orange juice in normolipidemic subjects

Objective This study investigated the effect of regular orange juice consumption on blood lipids and lipoproteins of normolipidemic men and women. Methods All volunteers (n=29) consumed 750mL of orange juice daily for 60 days. Biochemical variables such as lipid profile, apolipoproteins, glucose, paraoxonase 1, and HDL size, were measured before and after the orange juice consumption period. Anthropometric and dietary data were also collected. Results Daily consumption of orange juice significantly reduced total cholesterol in men (11%, p<0.05) and women (10%, p<0.05) and LDL-cholesterol (15%, p<0.05) in men and women. HDL-C and Apo A-I also decreased, reflecting the reduction in total cholesterol. Triacylglycerols, apolipoprotein B, PON 1, HDL size, BMI, body fat, and waist circumference were not affected by orange juice consumption. Conclusion Orange juice presented cholesterol-lowering activity and the association between citrus flavonoids and vitamin C may prevent oxidative stress and the development of atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol; Cholesterol-LDL; Lipoproteins; Juice

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