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Moderate aerobic physical conditioning reduces the fast weight gain of adult rats malnourished during pregnancy and lactation

Tâmara Nunes de Araújo Lícia Vasconcelos Carvalho de Queiroz Kamilla Dinah Santos de Lira Tiago José Bezerra de Mello Franca Silvia Regina Arruda de Moraes About the authors

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to assess the effects of moderate aerobic physical conditioning on the body weight and weight gain of rats whose mothers were fed a low protein diet during gestation and lactation. METHODS: Male Wistar rats were bred from dams fed a normal- (17% casein) or low-protein (8% casein) diet, constituting the initial nourished (n=18) and malnourished (n=17) groups. After weaning, they were fed the standard diet of the laboratory, with normal protein content (Labina®, Purina). At the age of 60 days, the animals were divided into four groups: inactive and well nourished (n=9), active and well nourished (n=7), inactive and malnourished from conception until weaning (n=8) and active and malnourished from conception until weaning (n=9). Moderate aerobic physical conditioning was done on a treadmill for 8 weeks, 5 days per week, 60 minutes per day. All animals were killed after this training period. Body weight (g) and weight gain (%) were analyzed. RESULTS: Lower body weights were seen in animals that were inactive and malnourished from conception until weaning (247.00: 134.00 - 335.00) and active and malnourished from conception until weaning (245.00: 166.00 - 324.50) when compared with the animals that were inactive and well nourished (303.75: 176.00 - 372.00) and active and well nourished (290.25: 190.00 - 372.00) (p<0.05). Weight gain was higher in the animals from the inactive and malnourished group (35.40: -6.20 - 77.10) in comparison with the inactive and well nourished group (24.30: -7.50 - 44.30) (p<0.05) and the active and malnourished group (20.50: 2.30 - 59.00) (p<0.05). CONCLUSION: Moderate aerobic physical conditioning had a beneficial effect on the animals that were malnourished during their mothers' gestation and lactation as it reduced their rapid weight gain.

Proteic malnutrition; Weight gain; Moderate aerobic physical conditioning; Pregnancy; Lactation

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