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Amenorrhea and osteosporosis in adolescents athletes

The female participation in sports has been increasing over the years. Scientific studies have shown the benefits this practice brings to women's health, but, when it comes to competitive sports, problems may arise. The most common complication described by the literature is the "Female Athlete Triad", which involves three processes: the eating disorder, the amenorrhea, and the osteoporosis. In the United States, the amenorrhea afflicts up to 66% of the competition athletes, and some of its possible causes of are: weight loss, excessive training, insufficient quantity of body fat, loss of specific stores of body fat, and inadequate diet. As a consequence of the amenorrhea, the sportswoman may develop precocious osteoporosis. It is not known for sure the percentage of athletes with osteopenia, but there are indications that the lack of estrogen, the inadequate diet, and the insufficient consumption of calcium are factors predisposing them to develop the disease.

puberty; amenorrhea; osteoporosis; exercise; athlete; adolescent; diet

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