Food consumption in 12-30-month-old children attending Municipal Daycare Centers in the municipality of Colombo, Southern Brazil

Denise Yukari INOUE Mônica Maria OSÓRIO César Augusto TACONELI Suely Teresinha SCHMIDT Claudia Choma Bettega ALMEIDA About the authors


To analyze food consumption in 12-30 month-old children attending Municipal Daycare Centers.


Cross-sectional study including 86 children of Municipal Daycare Centers in Colombo, Paraná State. Food consumption in the daycare centers was evaluated using the individual direct food weighing method in two non-consecutive days, and household food consumption was evaluated using the individual 24-hour dietary recall method. The median intake values and the prevalence of inadequacy of energy and nutrient intake were analyzed according to the Dietary Reference Intakes and the recommendations of the National School Feeding Program.


Most of the nutrients had median daily intake values above the daily dietary intake level, the Recommended Dietary Intake. Calcium had the highest prevalence of inadequacy among the nutrients evaluated; high energy intake was observed in 43% of children, and fat intake was below the recommended levels. The consumption of energy, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, iron, and fiber in the daycare centers evaluated was below the recommendations of the National School Feeding Program. The consumption of energy and fat at the household level accounts for more than 50% of the daily intake.


The nutrient median intake values were in general above the recommended allowance, which, associated with the risk of inadequate intake of certain micronutrients and the high energy level consumption, demonstrates the importance of adequate food intake and the promotion healthy eating habits in children.

School feeding; Food consumption; Child care centers; Nutritional requeriments day; Infant nutrition

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