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Bibliometric study of the scientific production of the Revista de Nutrição through the SciELO network (2001 to 2007)

Objetive This study made a bibliometric analysis of the scientific production and information production and consumption of the Revista de Nutrição as a scientific journal in the field of the health sciences, between 2001 and 2007. Methods This is a descriptive, cross-sectional study on the scientific activity and information production published by the Revista de Nutrição, through the SciELO network in the abovementioned period. Results The journal published a total of 368 papers, of which 241 (65.49%) were original articles, and the productivity index was 2.38. Eighty-five institutions were represented by these papers. The main language is Portuguese, with 349 articles (94.84%). There were 1574 keywords, of which 1135 (72.11%) corresponded to DeCS or MeSH descriptors, and 102 articles (27.72%) with all keywords being equivalent to descriptors. Study of the keywords revealed a clear community trend. The median obsolescence of the references cited by Revista de Nutrição is 11 and the Price Index is 11.69%. The percentage of self-citations is 2.08. Conclusion In general, the Revista de Nutrição is a publication of international level that remains within the bibliometric indicators of the health sciences journals published in Latin American countries. The journal has an excellent equivalence between keywords and health sciences descriptors (DeCS). The obsolescence of its references was somewhat high but this changed in 2006 and 2007, the last years covered by this study.

Acess to information; Journal article; Bibliometrics; Bibliometric indicators; Medical subject headings

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