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Flora of Espírito Santo: Droseraceae

Paulo Minatel Gonella Sabrina Vasconcelos Caram Valquíria Ferreira Dutra About the authors


We present a taxonomic treatment of the species of Droseraceae in Espírito Santo state, Brazil. Droseraceae is represented in the state by two species: Drosera intermedia, found in marshlands in the restingas (pioneer formations), and Drosera latifolia, which occurs in the campos de altitude (ecological refuges) and on granitic inselbergs in areas of ombrophilous forest in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo. We provide an identification key, morphological descriptions, and commentaries on taxonomy, ecology, conservation, and geographical distribution.

Key words
Atlantic Forest; carnivorous plants; Drosera; inselbergs; restingas

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