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What does the list of Brazilian sociobiodiversity species of food value show us?

Ana Cecília da Cruz Silva Débora Moreira de Oliveira Laura Jane Gomes About the authors


It is necessary understanding the species selected and classified based on sociobiodiversity with food value listed in Interministerial Ordinance n. 284/2018. The aim of the study is to investigate changes in the previously published ordinance and to analyze the current list of sociobiodiversity species based on aspects such as number of species, origin, distribution, species endangerment and plant parts used for consumption. Information available in the list of species published through Interministerial Ordinances n. 163/2016 and n. 284/2018, in technical documents, bibliographies and in the Virtual Herbarium of Flora e Funga do Brasil, were used as the starting point for the present research. It was possible observing that the current list has excluded six species and added 25 species in comparison to the previous one. Thus, the current list comprises 101 species. Although most of the listed species are native to Brazil, seven of them are exotic: one is cultivated for dietary purposes and six are naturalized. Diversity is well represented in Brazilian phytogeographic domains, mainly in Cerrado, Atlantic Rainforest and Amazon Rainforest biomes; however, five species fall into one of the endangered categories. Twelve plant parts used for consumption were reported to be used for dietary purposes, with emphasis of fruit.

Key words
edible plants; fruit trees; conventional food plants; public policies

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