Palynotaxonomic study of southeastern Brazilian species of Schefflera (Araliaceae)

Pedro Fiaschi Maria Amelia Vitorino da Cruz-Barros Angela Maria da Silva Correa About the authors


Morphological studies of the pollen grains of 18 species of Schefflera from Southeastern Brazil were carried out: S. angustissima, S. calva, S. capixaba, S. cordata, S. fruticosa, S. gardneri, S. glaziovii, S. longipetiolata, S. lucumoides, S. macrocarpa, S. malmei, S. morototoni, S. selloi, S. spruceana, S. succinea, S. villosissima, S. vinosa e Schefflera aff. varisiana. The pollen grains analysed are medium, rarely small, with triangular to subtriangular amb, anguloaperturate, oblate spheroidal to prolate spheroidal, 3-colporate, and reticulate heterobrochate or rugulate-reticulate ornamentation. Phylogenetic relationships among some of the studied species are discussed based on the obtained results.

Key words:
Araliaceae; Didymopanax; pollen grains; Schefflera

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