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Insert earphones: application to avoid collapse of the external auditory canal

Andréa Tortosa Marangoni Renata Coelho Scharlach Marcela Rosana Maia da Silveira Lucila Leal Calais Daniela Gil About the authors

PURPOSE: To determine the efficacy of insert earphones in cases of collapsed external auditory canals. METHODS: Twenty-one elderly individuals with air-bone gaps greater than 10 dBHL at frequencies of 3 kHz and/or 4 kHz underwent anamnesis, pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, and immittance test. Pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry were performed with both supra-aural and insert earphones. RESULTS: Air conduction thresholds were lower with insert earphones at all frequencies except 1 kHz. The magnitude of the air-bone gap was also lower with the insert earphones, and there was a air-bone coupling with this transducer. CONCLUSION: Insert earphones ER-3A allowed significant improvement in air conduction hearing thresholds in elderly individuals, reducing or even eliminating the air-bone gap in cases of collapsed external auditory canals, especially at higher frequencies.

Hearing; Audiometry; Auditory threshold; Ear canal; Aged

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