Comparison of V-RQOL, VHI and VAPP scores in teachers

PURPOSE: To verify how the impact of dysphonia in teachers is characterized according to the protocols V-RQOL (Voice-Related Quality of Life), VHI (Voice Handicap Index) and VAPP (Voice Activity and Participation Profile), and to analyze the correspondence of information obtained by these instruments. METHODS: Fourty six teachers with voice complaints that sought for speech-language pathology intervention and were diagnosed with behavioral dysphonia answered randomly the V-RQOL, VHI and VAPP questionnaires. RESULTS: Dysphonic teachers presented worse quality of life than the general dysphonic population on the V-RQOL. The VHI showed no significant handicap. On the VAPP, teachers had lower scores in the effects in social communication. The physical (VHI) and physical functioning (V-RQOL) domains were similar to each other. The VAPP provides information about aspects not contemplated by the other protocols; self-perception of the severity of dysphonia was correlated with all domains of the three protocols. The items with greatest impact on the V-RQOL were from the physical functioning domain, and, on the VHI, from the physical domain. On the VAPP, the two questions with greater occurrence were related to the effect of voice over emotion. Hence, for this population, it is suggested the use of the VAPP questionnaire, because it comprises aspects that the others don't; in addition, the V-RQOL should also be used, because it has fewer questions and more impact (total and emotional scores) than the VHI. CONCLUSION: The protocols do not show the same information for dysphonic teachers. The physical functioning (V-RQOL) and physical (VHI) domains provide similar results, however social-emotional domain of the V-RQOL exhibited more evidently the impact of the voice disorder in dysphonic teachers than the VHI. The VAPP present information not contemplated by the other protocols.

Voice; Quality of life; Dysphonia; Protocols; Faculty; Questionnaires

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