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Duration parameters of swallowing acoustic signals in subjects without complaints

Olívia Helena Gomes Patatas Maria Inês Rebelo Gonçalves Brasília Maria Chiari Ingrid Gielow About the authors

PURPOSE: To investigate the consistency of duration and reproducibility of the pattern of acoustical events related to the swallowing of individuals without complaints. METHODS: Participants were 88 women and 76 men with ages between 6 and 85 years. With a microphone attached to the neck and connected to a computer, each of them performed nine swallowings of saliva, of 5 ml of water, and of 10 ml of water. Based on the acoustic registration of the sounds recorded, the duration of the interval between the peaks of the two main swallowing clicks (T), of the swallowing apnea (dA), and of the relationship between them (T/dA). RESULTS: No differences were found regarding the mean duration between the peaks of the two swallowing clicks (T), the mean duration of the swallowing apnea (dA), and the relationship T/dA in the different age ranges and between genders, except for the T/dA index for the swallowing of 5 ml of water. There was no correlation between age and the measured parameters. CONCLUSION: The swallowing sounds present a characteristic reproducible pattern, which is distinct both from external noises and from other sounds produced in the cervical region. Therefore, they may be used in dysphagia evaluation methods.

Deglutition; Auscultation; Diagnosis, computer-assisted; Apnea; Time factors; Sounds

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