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Emprego da associação tetraciclina e quinino no tratamento da malária causada pelo Plasmodium falciparum

110 patients with P. falciparum malaria and no complications from the Brazilian Amazon region were treated with the association tetracycline hydrocloride (1 g/d during 7 days) and quinine sulphate (1.5 or 2 g/d during 3 or 4 days) at the beginning of treatment. All patients were followed for at least 7 days and no blood parasites were detected ont the 7th day. Seventy- five patients could be followed for 28 days or longer and 4 of them (5.3%) showed parasitemia again. These results support the efficacy of the association quinineplus tetracycline in the treatment of P. falciparum malaria infections from the Amazon region.

Chemotherapy; Quinine + Tetracycline; P. falciparum malaria

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