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La fauna flebotomica (Diptera: Psychodedae) de tres províncias de la region nor oriental del Marañon, Peru

Two thousand seven hundred and seventy four sand flies were captured since 1987 to 1992 in endemic areas of human bartonellosis and Peruvian Verruga (district of San José de Lourdes, province of San Ignacio - 0903' LS, and district of Lonya Grande, province of Utcubamba - 06°05'30" LS) belonging to the Northeast region of Maranon, Peru. Thirteen species were identified, 11 belonging to the genus Lutzomyia, 1 to Brumptomyia and the other to Warileya. Lutzomyia sp, close to L. serrana and L. maranonensis n. sp., Galati, Cáceres & Le Pont are more prevalent (89.74% of the individuals captured). Suggests working of the kind. Lutzomyia verrucarum (Townsend, 1913) is reported in Utcubamba prownce for the first time.

Phlebotominae; Perú; Lutzomyia, Brumptomyia, Warileya, bartonellosis; Peruvian Verruga; Carrion's disease

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