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Sexually transmitted diseases in patients infected with HIV/AIDS in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil

Eduardo Henrique Gomes Rodrigues Frederico Guilherme Coutinho Abath About the authors

The data was obtained retrospectively from clinical records concerning 399 HIV infected patients. The HIV infected individuals predominated in the age group ranging from 20 to 40 years (73.4%) and 75% were male. The was no difference in the ratio of male and female patients regarding asymptomatic HIV infection or AIDS. The cases of HIV without AIDS concentrated in the age group ranging from 20-29 years while AIDS predominated in the age group ranging from 30-39 years. Only 0.8% were hemophilic, 3.5% injected drugs and 4.8% had hemotransfusions in the last 5 years. Regarding sexual behavior, 33% were heterosexuals, 11% bisexuals, 23% homosexuals and 33% did not disclose their sexual behavior. The presence of syphilis was the most frequent combination found (8.8%), followed by herpes (5.8%) and genital candidiasis (4.3%). Our results suggest an association between genital candidiasis and AIDS, although this was not demonstrated for the other STDs studied.

Human immunodeficiency virus; AIDS; Sexually transmitted diseases; Incidence; Pernambuco

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