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Alterações quantitativas das células neuroendócrinas no Megacólon chagásico

Silver stainings (Masson-Fontana and Sevier- Munger methods) were applied to sections from surgical specimens of chagasic megasigmoid. The distribution and the number of both enterochromaffin (EC) cells and EC plus argyrophyl (ARG) cells were studied. Both of them, EC and ARG cells presented a predominantly basal localization in mucosal glands of megasigmoids (n = 16) and Controls (n= 8) The counting of EC cells and EC plus ARG cells has shown that only the group EC plus ARG cells was significantly increased. Morphometric studies revealed a significant increase in the thickness of the muscle and mucosa layers of the megasigmoid when compared to the Controls.

Chagasic megacolon; Enterochromaffin cells; Argyrophyl cells; Neuroendocrine cells

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