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Leishmaniose tegumentar americana na região nordeste do estado de São Paulo - Brasil

An outbreak of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (ACL) occurring in the Northeast regimi of São Paulo state in 1992 is described. After the notification of the 12 human cases, a skin test survey of the local population was carried out in a rural area of the Itupeva municipality. The survey consisted of 144 interviews and 100 clinical examinations using the Montenegro skin test (MST). A prevalence of 34 % positive MST was encountered. The predominaizt species of sandflies captured both in domestic and nearby areas of secondary vegetation were L. intermedia, L. whitmani and L. migonei. The presence of L. longipalpis in the nearby area of secondary vegetation was also registered.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis; Epidemiology; Sandflies; Prevalence

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