Effects of two trypanosomicide drugs, gention violet and WR6026, on platelet concentrates preservation

In order to verify the viability of platelet concentrate during its preservation period when added with two trypanosomicidal chemical substances, gentian violet and quinoline WR6026, we tested these concentrates and verified the following parameters: number of platelets, pH and platelet aggregation test with a pair of agonists. Significant alterations were observed in the platelet concentrate treated with gentian violet suggesting important damage to the platelet viability. With WR6026 similar values to the controls were observed, opening new perspectives for the utilization of this salt for the chemoprophylaxis of transfusional Chagas' disease in highly endemic regions.

Chagas'disease; Platelets concentrate; Chemoprophylaxis; Gentian violet; Quinoline WR6026

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