Sugarcane cultivated after corn and peanut, with different fertilizer levels

L.R.F. Alleoni E.G.F. de Beauclair About the authors

In an alie quartzipsamment located of Piracicaba, SP, an experiment was carried out in order to evaluate the effect of corn and peanut, cultivated in rotation with sugarcane, variety SP 70-1143, in a 0,9 m inter-row spacing. Independent of the level of fertilizer applied to plant cane (500 kg/ha - 45 g/m or 778 kg/ha - 70 g/m of 05-25-25), sugarcane yield at harvest was higher after peanut than after corn. In rotation with peanut, no effect of fertilizer level was found in any evaluated parameter (number of tillers/10 m, height, weight of 30 stalks and kilometers of cane/ha). On the other hand, in areas where corn was grown before the cane, the number of stalks, at harvest, of the treatment with the highest level of fertilizer was equivalent to that of the areas after peanut, and the height of the cane was higher than the cane grown with the lower fertilizer level.

sugarcane; rotation; growing parameters

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