Temperature and pH of the nutrient solution on wheat primary root growth

Temperatura e pH da solução nutritiva no crescimento das raízes primárias do trigo

Primary root growth is very important for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop in upland conditions in the State of São Paulo. Fourteen wheat genotypes (mutant lines and cultivars) were evaluated for primary root growth during 7 and 15 days of development in complete and aerated nutrient solutions, in the laboratory. In the first experiment, solutions with three pH values (4.0, 5.0 and 6.0) at constant temperature (24 ± 1°C), and in the second experiment, solutions with the same pH (4.0) but with three temperatures (18°C ± 1°C, 24°C ± 1°C and 30°C ± 1°C) were used. High genetic variability was observed among the evaluated genotypes in relation to primary root growth in the first stages of development in nutrient solutions independent of pH, temperature and growth period. Genotypes 6 (BH-1146) and 13 (IAC-17), tolerant to Al3+ showed genetic potential for root growth in the first stages of development (7 and 15 days), regardless of nutrient solution temperature and pH. Genotypes 14 (IAC-24 M), 15 (IAC-24), 17 (MON"S" / ALD "S") ´ IAC-24 M2, 18 (MON"S" / ALD "S") ´ IAC-24 M3 and 24 (KAUZ"S" / IAC-24 M3), tolerant to Al3+, showed reduced root growth under the same conditions.

Triticum aestivum L.; upland crop; root growth

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