Biochemical and physiological alterations in corn seeds due to accelerated aging

Maria Cristina Mingues Spinola Silvio Moure Cícero Murilo de Melo About the authors

In order to evaluate biochemical (total protein, acid phosphatase, peroxidase and malate dehydrogenase electrophoresis) and physiological (germination and seed vigor) alterations occurring during corn seed accelerated aging (41°C and 100%UR), four corn seed lots of the double hybrid (AG122) were submitted to zero, 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 hours of accelerated aging. The biochemical assays carried out (isozyme electrophoretical patterns of acid phosphatase e peroxidase) are more sensitive than the physiological test used to monitorate corn seed physiological quality deterioration during corn seed accelerated aging.

Zea mays; eletrophoresis; germination; vigour

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