Coping with climate risk in agriculture needs farmer oriented research and extension policies

Conviver com os riscos climáticos na agricultura requer pesquisas e políticas de extensão voltadas às necessidades dos produtores

The first necessary change for agrometeorology, in generally lower (external) input parts of agriculture in developing countries, is on research and extension. They have to refocus to preparedness for risks and uncertainties of local farming systems in need of support in four defined directions of prioritization, emphasis depending on the farming system concerned. These are (i) extreme events and their consequences caused by meteorological and climatological disasters on all time scales, including related aversion attempts; (ii) pests and diseases, including countervailing measures; (iii) trying to use beneficial climate and weather and (iv) applications of agrometeorological services. The second necessary change for such agrometeorology is participation of farmers in the establishment of agrometeorological services with well trained intermediaries in such undertakings as Climate Field Schools. The third necessary change is that agrometeorological services should be developed in such a way as to increase the resilience of farmers, in line with further and wider developments to be stimulated in rural areas. The most important and most insecure factors, however, will have to do with the socio-political allies to be supported to create - and keep everywhere - on a large scale the enabling environment. To sole cropping work, to which most response farming advisories were dedicated, if any, multiple cropping agrometeorological services have to be added. They should ideally belong to a new service environment in rural areas in progressing countries.

Climate Field Schools; agrometeorological services; participation; preparedness; resilience

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