Termite (Insecta, Isoptera) fauna from natural parks of the northeast region of Argentina

Fauna de cupins (Insecta, Isoptera) de parques nacionais da região noroeste da Argentina

Enrique Rafael Laffont Gladys Josefina Torales Juan Manuel Coronel Manuel Osvaldo Arbino María Celina Godoy About the authors

The knowledge of insect biodiversity in natural areas of Argentina is limited, and termites are among the understudied taxa. In order to assess the diversity of Isoptera in some protected areas of the country, termite sampling within three National Parks of the Northeast region of Argentina was developed during 1995-1999. The results presented in this paper correspond to the Chaco National Park (Province of Chaco), Iguassu National Park (Province of Misiones) and Mburucuya National Park (Province of Corrientes). Among the four termite families recorded from Argentina, the family Termitidae was the best represented at the three sampled areas. The recorded genera (15) were: Rugitermes Holmgren and Tauritermes Krishna (Kalotermitidae), Heterotermes Frogatt (Rhinotermitidae), Cornitermes Wasmann, Cortaritermes Mathews, Diversitermes Holmgren, Nasutitermes Dudley, Velocitermes Holmgren (Nasutitermitinae), Amitermes Silvestri, Microcerotermes Silvestri, Neocapritermes Holmgren, Termes Linné (Termitinae), Anoplotermes Müller, Aparatermes Fontes and Ruptitermes Mathews (Apicotermitinae) (Termitidae). None of the collected termite species was common to the three National Parks, and only four of them were detected at two of the reserves. Due to the particular assemblage of termites found at each park, these three natural protected areas could be considered important reserves for the conservation of the termite fauna from the Northeast region of Argentina.

biodiversity; termitological survey; reserves; neotropical region

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