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Dispersion capacity of Trichogramma pretiosum riley, 1879 for controlling Helicoverpa zea (Boddie, 1850) in corn

L.A. Nogueira de Sá J.R.P. Parra S. Silveira Neto About the authors

The dispersion capacity of Tríchogramma pretiosum Riley, 1879 in relation to Helicoverpa zea (Boddie, 1850) eggs was studied in corn, in two regions, in the State of São Paulo. The dispersion capacity of T. pretiosum 36 hours after release ranged from 80 to 102 m² and an inverse relationship between parasitism and predation occurred for H. zea eggs for both localities studied. The results obtained indicate that releases for controlling H. zea should be made at 100 points/ha.

Trichogramma pretiosum; dispersion capacity; corn; Helicoverpa zea; biological control; Zea mays

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