Conservation of sweet passion fruit using wax and cold shock

The effect of pre-cooling and of wax coating was studied on the post-harvest conservation of sweet passion fruit (Passiflora alata Dryander), by monitoring the main physical and chemical alterations during the storage period. Fruits were submitted to the following treatments: control; wax Sta fresh (1:2); pre-cooling (-2°C for 2 hours) + wax Sta fresh (1:2); pre-cooling (-2°C for 2 hours). Fruits were evaluated every 6 days for weight loss, texture, total juice, total soluble solids and titratable acidity. After 30 days at 9°C and 85-90% relative humidity, the best treatment for the conservation of sweet passion fruit was the use of wax Sta Fresh. Pre-cooling, and pre-cooling + wax, were not efficient for the maintenance of the post-harvest quality.

Passiflora alata; conservation; post harvest; pre cooling; wax

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