Eggplant growth as affected by bovine manure and magnesium thermophosphate rates

Crescimento da berinjela em função de doses de esterco bovino e de termofosfato magnesiano

Plant growth is influenced by nutrient availability. The objective of this research was to study, under greenhouse conditions, eggplant growth as affected by rates of bovine manure and magnesium thermophosphate (g kg-1 and mg kg-1, respectively), according to a "Box central composite" matrix: 4.15-259; 4.15-1509; 24.15-259; 24.15-1509; 0.0-884; 28.3-884; 14.15-0,0; 14.15-1768; 14.15-884. Potassium sulfate (170 mg kg-1) and 200 mL per pot of cow urine solution were applied four times, but the concentration of the last two applications (200 mL/H2O L) was twice of that of the first two. Additional treatments: magnesium thermophosphate without cow urine and triple superphosphate with urea, both with nutrient levels equivalent to the bovine manure, P2O5 and potassium sulfate to the combination 14.15-884. The experimental design consisted of randomized blocks with four replicates. Leaf area (LA) and LA ratio increased as quadratic functions with manure rates, with negative interaction for thermophosphate. Leaf dry matter mass (DMM) had an increasing quadratic function with rates for both fertilizers. The higher combined rates of both fertilizers resulted in the smallest specific leaf area, but also the highest values of shoot and root DMM, total DMM and, with positive interaction in relation to root shoot dry matter ratio. The relative growth rate in stem height, and also in diameter, increased with manure, according to quadratic and linear functions, respectively. The cow urine effect was, in general, lower than that of urea. The plant's overall growth was more influenced by manure. Root DMM and shoot DMM were greater with high K and P.

Solanum melongena; organic fertilization; phosphorus; cow urine

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