Microsatellite markers for identification of Prunus spp. rootstocks

Identificação de porta-enxertos de Prunus spp. com marcadores microssatélites

Cultivar characterization for fruit trees certification requires fast, efficient and reliable techniques. Microsatellite markers (SSR) were used in the molecular characterization of 29 Prunus spp. rootstocks. The DNA from the rootstocks was analyzed using five pre-selected SSR primers (UDP96-005, UDP96-008, UDP96-013, UDP96-18 and UDP98-414) and revealed 81 alleles, which allowed each genotype to be identified. The UDP96-005 marker generated the most information, i.e., 23 well-distributed, polymorphic alleles among all genotypes. The 21 polymorphisms produced by UDP96-013 occurred mainly as a result of high degree of variability among genotypes of the Prunophora subgenus. In the dendrogram, the five markers allowed the 29 rootstocks to be grouped into subgroups corresponding to the subgenus they belong to, either Prunophora or Amygdalus. Suitable cophenetic correlation coefficient (r=0.82) and good bootstrapping fitting value among the Prunophora subgroup cultivars were obtained. SSR markers proved to be efficient and reliable for the molecular characterization of Prunus spp. rootostocks.

peach tree; SSR; fingerprinting

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