Licia do Prado Valladares Aline Lopes de Lacerda Ana Luce Girão About the authors


This section presents two texts. First is the article by Licia do Prado Valladares - one of the leading scholars on the urban issue and favelas in Brazil - testifying to the importance of Anthony Leeds’s work, despite its forgetting by new generations of researchers. This testimony was given at the event celebrating the creation of the Anthony Leeds Archive under the safeguarding of Casa de Oswaldo Cruz/Fiocruz. Second is the technical note produced by Aline Lopes de Lacerda and Ana Luce Girão on the general plan of the archive and how it was assembled, accompanied by photographs that, according to the organizers of the collection, translation the richness of his approach in taking the residents with whom he interacted in his research as active subjects in the coproduction of the favela and the city.

Anthony Leeds Archive; Urban Anthropology; urban issue; favelas; cities

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