Factors associated with users’ satisfaction with oral health care in Paraíba, 2014

Hévila de Figueiredo Pires Nayara Pereira Limão Ane Polline Lacerda Protasio Ana Maria Gondim Valença About the authors


The objective of this study was to identify the factors associated with the user’s satisfaction about the provision of oral health care in the State of Paraíba. The research based on data regarding the 2nd cycle of the external evaluation of the National Program for Improving Access and Quality in Primary Care (PMAQ-AB). The responses of users who underwent dental consultations with the Oral Health Team (OHT) and of whom the service had a full record were analyzed using logistic regression. Regarding the dependent variable ‘User satisfaction’, 87% of the users (n=2,047) stated that they were satisfied with the care they receive from the OHT. Dissatisfaction was influenced by the fact that user was never or almost never guided about his/her oral health care (OR=4.27); insufficient consultation time (OR=3.38); professionals do not register the user condition in his/her medical record (OR=1.97); OHT does not operate in the afternoons (OR=1.66); dental care schedule does not meet the user needs (OR=2.86); OHT does not search for the user when either he/she interrupts the treatment or does not attend a dental appointment so to follow up and resume the service (OR=1.59). Therefore, the percentage of users satisfied with the oral health care in Paraíba is significant, being the factors that influence user satisfaction mainly associated with meeting users’ needs and work process organization.

Primary Health Care; Oral health; Patient satisfaction

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