Study of the perceived changes in users of Psychosocial Care Centers in the South of Brazil from their insertion in the services

Uiasser Thomas Franzmann Luciane Prado Kantorski Vanda Maria da Rosa Jardim Carlos Alberto dos Santos Treichel About the authors


The aim of this study was to identify the perceived changes by 1.597 users of 40 Psychosocial Care Centers in Southern Brazil, using the Perceived Change Scale - Patients. In the overall evaluation of the scale, improvement was observed in 84.9% of the subjects participating in the study. It was verified that the items with the greatest improvement were those related to: personal problems, interest in life, humor, self-confidence and coexistence with a family. On the other hand, the items with the lowest advances were: sexuality, physical health, housework, appetite and energy. Considering the high improvement index evidenced in the overall item of the scale, from the results point of view, it is suggested a positive evaluation of the Psychosocial Care Centers as a point of attention in mental health.

Mental health; Community mental health services; Outcome assessment (health care)

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