MHealth technology in the prevention and control of obesity from the perspective of health literacy: Lisa Obesidade

Leyla Márcia Ramos Oliveira Clarice Maria Araújo Chagas Vergara Helena Alves de Carvalho Sampaio José Eurico de Vasconcelos FilhoAbout the authors


This study aimed to describe a mHealth technology, used to assist in the prevention and control of obesity in adults in the light of health literacy. The technology was developed by the method of participatory design by an interdisciplinary team that involved nurse, nutritionist, a designer and a systems analyst. The authors developed a low and high fidelity design, based on user-centered interactive design, in the light of health literacy. The study provided to develop knowledge of the use of literacy for the development of mobile technology, aiming at greater accessibility of individuals to the prevention and control of obesity. The perception of an interdisciplinary team on issues related to health, the development and application of mHealth technology to address the problem was considered. A technology called Lisa Obesidade was obtained, with the purpose of empowering the user. It is expected to be a tool to help health professionals carry out actions promoting health.

Mobile applications; Obesity; Health promotion

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