Evaluation of Primary Health Care: validation of an instrument to analyze the performance of services

Marcia Regina Cubas Nilza Teresinha Faoro Simone Tetu Moysés Deborah Ribeiro Carvalho About the authors


This article has been originated in a research that aimed to identify and validate the relevance of the indicators present in an instrument of evaluation of Primary Health Care. Sixty experts evaluated 23 indicators of the dimensions 'user as the center of the process', 'organization of processes focused on users', 'link, competencies, skills and professional attitudes' and 'organizational ambience'. Four indicators obtained a maximum Content Validity Index (CVI): 'research with users of health services', 'expansion of the service portfolio', 'professional training, competencies and participation in professional education processes' and 'ambience and communication with the community'. The overall CVI was 0.91.

Primary Health Care; Validation studies; Health evaluation

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