Family Health Support Nucleus: potentials as change device in Primary Health Care

Paula Roberta Rozada Volponi Mara Lúcia Garanhani Brigida Gimenez Carvalho About the authors

The article analyzes the potentiality of the Family Health Support Nucleus to establish itself as changing device in primary care practices and in the performance ways of a primary care management team. It's a qualitative approach study, of sympathetic character, performed with the Primary Health Care Board managers of a large size municipality of the Paraná State, from September/2012 to April/2013. The results revealed predominance of the Family Health Support Nucleus's strategic objective while a device, that the collegiate management showed as a powerful arrangement for the management and, finally, that the Family Health Support Nucleus implementation can be understood as an action that enhances the production of changes in Primary Care.

Health management; Primary Health Care; Family health

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