Environmental education in the process of territorialization in health: presentation of a method used

Sarah Leite Gomes Alessandra Buonavoglia Costa-Pinto Paula Peixoto Messias Barreto About the authors


This paper aims to present a method of qualitative approach to environmental education in the process of territorialization in health. The methodological path that gives rise to this text is an action-research whose study is exploratory and descriptive of qualitative approach through the development of workshops. Six meetings were held to meet the proposed objectives. The activities were developed by a moderator and were attended by 60 Community Health Workers working in a small municipality in both the countryside and the coast of Bahia. The results indicate that, in the process of territorialization in health, it is elementary to incorporate new practices that demonstrate the territory beyond geographical demarcations, valuing the broader conception of the environment and its relations with health. In that regard, the proposal that arises is the reorganization of work processes, in the sense of seeking multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and effective participation in the process of territorialization in health, in light of environmental education.

Methods; Environmental health education; Environmental health; Health territory

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