Satisfaction of users assisted in four regional dental specialties centers of Ceará, Brazil

Ermano Batista da Costa Joana Danielle Brandão Carneiro Arlete Maria Gomes Oliveira About the authors


The objective of this research was to evaluate the satisfaction of users assisted in Regional Dental Specialties Centers (CEO-R) of Ceará, Brazil. It is a descriptive cross-sectional study. In those establishments, 518 users were interviewed, using the Oral Health Services Quality Assessment Questionnaire (QASSaB) as a research tool. The data collected were analyzed by Pearson’s Chi-square test. Prevalence: female (67.8%), low schooling (67.8%) and income (63.9%). Regarding accessibility issues, only the waiting time at reception (83.5%) was considered positive, with unfavorable highlight to the specialty orthodontics in the time to obtain a vacancy. The other dimensions analyzed were positively evaluated by the study. Relating the service units surveyed, there were statistically significant differences (p<0.05) in the satisfaction of users for most of the dimensions analyzed, except for the ‘third-party aid’ questionnaire and the ‘resolution / satisfaction’ with dental treatment (p>0.05). It was concluded that the level of satisfaction of the users participating in the research was generally positive, with accessibility being an impacting problem in the system, which should be rethought in order to reduce any dissatisfaction among users who require the specialized dental service of the regional network health care.

Health evaluation; Oral health; Secondary care

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