Access to treatment of women with breast cancer

Samara Maria Moura Teixeira Sousa Maria das Graças Freire de Medeiros Carvalho Luiz Ayrton Santos Júnior Sarah Borges Carolina Mariano About the authors


This study was aimed at characterizing the access to treatment of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the state of Piauí, Brazil. A cross-sectional analytical study was developed in two referral hospital institutions from January/2018 to June/2018. The population comprised women diagnosed with breast cancer who underwent treatment in the period from 2016 to 2017. The sample amounted to 155 participants. Sampling was proportionally stratified. The data was processed in IBM® SPSS®, and uni and bivariate statistics were calculated. It was noted that the average time for treatment was of 112.7 (± 93.6) days, varying from 12 to 550 days (≡18.3 months or 1.5 years), with 71.6 % of the women starting treatment within a period higher than 60 days following breast cancer diagnosis. Statistically significant associations were verified between the delay to start treatment and the state territory of residence (p = 0.041) and the disease stage (p = 0.037). The conclusion is that women are not having access to breast cancer treatment as recommended. Therefore, it is worth noting the need for greater organization in the network of health services, taking into account the needs of the population through timely health care.

Women’s health; Breast neoplasms; Health services accessibility; Therapeutics; Time-to-treatment

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