Family Health Support Center (Nasf): a national panorama based on National Program for Access and Quality Improvement (PMAQ) data

Deniclara Brocardo Carla Lourenço Tavares de Andrade Márcia Cristina Rodrigues Fausto Sheyla Maria Lemos Lima About the authors


The Family Health Support Center (Nasf) was created in 2008 and aims to increase the resolution and scope of Primary Care (AB) actions. Composed by a multiprofessional team, it should develop joint activities with the AB teams, following the logic of matrix support and technical-pedagogical or clinical-assistancial actions, aiming at the integrality of care. The objective of this study was to analyze the work of the Nasf in Brazilian territory, considering the integration between the Nasf and AB teams, based on data from the external evaluation of the National Program for Access and Quality Improvement (PMAQ) in the second cycle. The results found show adequacy of the infrastructure, matrix support activities and activities integrated with the AB teams. However, the monitoring and analysis of indicators, the initial training and the continuing education need greater attention.

Primary Health Care; Health evaluation; Family health; Health policy

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