Translational research in Brazil: research topics and their adherence to the SUS Agenda

Cinthya Vivianne de Souza Rocha Correia Kellen Santos Rezende Suélia de Siqueira Rodrigues Fleury Rosa Jorge Otávio Maia Barreto Maria Sueli Soares Felipe About the authors


This study aims to prospect groups and themes of translational research in Brazil that have the potential of transforming research into solutions for health nationally. It also aims to evaluate whether or not there is convergence with the 2018 Agenda of Research Priorities of the Ministry of Health, the Agenda. This is an exploratory, descriptive study, based on a search in public databases of free access. Sixty-four programs/groups were located: eight postgraduate programs, 12 research programs, and 44 groups linked to translational health research. Most of the postgraduate programs and all research programs are linked to Public Institutions in the Southeast region. The thematic analysis did not include the 20 ongoing research/graduate programs. The 44 research groups were categorized according to the 14 thematic axes and the 172 lines of research of the Agenda lead by four independent and blinded researchers. The results showed the inexistence of adherence between the themes these groups investigate and the SUS (Unified Health System) priority Agenda. In a scenario of increasing demand for health needs, translational research could reduce distancing between the research developed in Brazil and the necessities of the SUS.

Unified Health System; Public health; Translational medical research; Research

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