Matrix Support in the qualification of the Primary Health Care for people with chronic diseases

Cássia Regina Gotler Medeiros Ana Luísa Freitag Luísa Scheer Ely Martines Olinda Maria de Fátima Lechmann Saldanha Magali Quevedo Grave Lydia Koetz Jager Gisele Dhein About the authors


The aim of this study was to analyze the potential of Matrix Support devices in qualifying Primary Health Care for people with Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases (CNCD). It is a research intervention with Family Health Strategy teams in two municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul, applying the Matrix Support strategy. Focal Groups were used to measure the activities. In Content Analysis, two categories emerged: ‘Difficulties in the management and care of people with CNCD’ and ‘Qualification of care for people with CNCD after Matrix Support’. Systematic meetings with the entire team were implemented, recognizing them with the potential to qualify the practices from their problematization. Matrix Support promoted the communication between professionals and the approximation of the other team members, being effective in the empowerment of Primary Health Care teams, boosting changes in management practices and care for people with CNCD.

Primary Health Care; Chronic disease; Health management; Health education

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